Infrared detectors and arrays PYROSENS – for applications in spectroscopy, gas analysis, safety engineering and non-contact temperature measurement

Infrared detectors are used in industry for the detection of physical and chemical properties like temperature, humidity, intensity and gas concentration.

For more than 25 years DIAS Infrared does research, development and manufacturing of high-quality infrared detectors.

Your benefits

  • Very high specific detectivity D* around 109 cm Hz1/2 W–1, excellent signal-to-noise-ratio
  • Use of very thin LiTaO3 sensor chips
  • State of the art ion beam milling technology
  • Large variablity in construction
  • Customized solutions with excellent price-performance-ratio
  • Realization of small and large quantities of customized infrared detectors
  • The infrared detectors and arrays are specifically designed for the use in the non-contact temperature measurement and radiation measurement, gas analysis and spectroscopy

Wide range of different pyroelectric infrared detectors and linear arrays

For the development and manufacturing of customized infrared detectors, contact us please.

Application of single and multi-channel infrared detectors

  • Measurement of the gas concentration, e.g. for medical technology (anesthesia, breath control), leak detection, environmental measurement technology (air quality, exhaust gases)
  • Measurement of fluid components in medicine (e.g., blood and urine/urea), food technology, environmental engineering (oils, wastewater)
  • Flame detection
  • Temperature measurement (pyrometry)
  • Laser calibration
  • Smart Home
  • Safety engineering
  • Motion control
Infrared detectors Smart Home

Applications of pyroelectric arrays in industry and research

  • ATR and NDIR spectroscopy
  • Gas analysis (e.g. medical diagnostics, anesthetic gases, industrial gases, air quality, domestic technology)
  • Liquid analysis (e.g blood, other medical fluids, petrochemical, food)
  • Solid analysis (e.g. powder, explosives, skin, food)
  • Measurement of temperature profiles (e.g., DIAS infrared line camera PYROLINE in the steel industry, in rolling mill, in industrial strip processing, or in traffic monitoring systems)
  • Laser calibration and profile measurement
gasanalysis with spectroscopy in medical applications

Pyroelectric single element and multi channel detectors PYROSENS

Due to the physical principle of operation, pyroelectric infrared detectors can detect radiation in a very broad wavelength spectrum from about 100 nm (UV) to more than 1 mm (terahertz waves) without cooling. The series of PYROSENS single- and multi-channel detectors is optimized for the spectral range between 1.5 μm and 30 μm. Depending on the type, the PYROSENS detectors are equipped with different adapted absorbers over the entire spectral range and almost all radiation filters available on the market with thicknesses between 0.4 mm and 1.5 mm.

Depending on the customer preference, voltage mode with integrated jFET and high ohm gate resistor in a source follower circuit as well as current mode with integrated operational amplifier and feedback resistor/capacitor are available. For most detector types, a variant with thermal compensation is offered. The selection of the suitable type of detector is simplified for the user by a wide range of possible detector areas (for single-element detectors from 0.2 mm² to 64 mm²).

The LiTaO3 detector chips are partially thinned to about 5 μm by a complex ion beam etching process and then provided with thin absorption layers optimized for various applications.

More information about our single element and multi channel detectors are here:

Pyroelectric linear arrays PYROSENS

Specifically designed for non-contact temperature measurement and infrared spectroscopy, the pyroelectric linear arrays contain a lithium tantalum chip with 128, 256 or 510 sensitive elements (pixels). These arrays have been developed especially for the measurement of very small radiation fluxes. With linear arrays, which have isolation trenches between the pixels and are provided with additional metal absorber, very compact and high-resolution dispersive sensor systems (transmission configuration or ATR/attenuated total reflection system) can be constructed together with a linear variable filter (LVF).More information about our pyroelectric linear arrays are here:

Evaluation kit: the interface of infrared array and laboratory software

For all linear PYROSENS arrays an evaluation kit is available, which enables the uncomplicated operation of these arrays on the USB port of a Windows computer. In addition to the synchronization with other components (e.g. for radiation modulation) and the selection of the readout speed, the software also allows the storage of the measured data for later analysis. Find out more about the evaluation kit here.

Thermal infrared emitters

In addition to infrared detectors suitable miniaturized infrared emitters are required for application in gas analysis and spectroscopy. For this, infrared emitters of the HISpower series are suitable:

  • Electrical pulsable thermal emitters mounted in TO8 package
  • Patended nanostructured radiation element with high emission
  • Wavelength between 1 µm and 16 µm
  • Various high-quality filter windows
  • Optional integrated reflector

Datasheet thermal infrared emitters HISpower series