NDIR gas analysis & IR spectroscopy

Pyroelectric single and multi-channel sensors as well as linear arrays are important components of infrared measuring instruments for gas analysis and spectroscopy. To achieve high detection sensitivities of these instruments, large signal-to-noise ratios and low wavelength dependencies of the spectral absorption are required.

DIAS Infrared has the proven PYROSENS sensors and arrays in its production program. The basis is the pyroelectric lithium tantalate with very good sensor relevant material properties, a low temperature dependence and an excellent long-term stability. Large signal-to-noise ratios require very thin pyroelectric elements. At DIAS Infrared, particularly thin element thicknesses down to about 5 μm are achieved by using ion beam etching technologies.

Learn more about the use of our single and multi-channel pyroelectric sensors and linear arrays PYROSENS in NDIR gas analysis and IR spectroscopy.