Applications for the solar industry – presented at Sensor+Test 2015 in Nuremberg

26. Apr 2015
Applications for the solar industry - Presentation at the SENSOR + TEST 2015 in Nuremberg
Applications for the solar industry - Presentation at the SENSOR + TEST 2015 in Nuremberg

In May the fair Sensor + Test 2015 will present the whole competence in measurement technology for testing, measuring and monitoring tasks for all industries. In the spotlight this year is the environmental monitoring. For that the basis are verifiable measurement values for adaption in industrial processes and the accurate monitoring of environmental conditions. That’s why DIAS Infrared will present its application cases for the solar industry at Sensor + Test 2015.

Process control in crystal growth plants

In the manufacturing of wafers the solar industry needs crystals which are drawn up from a melt in a crystal growing system. The crystal growth from a melt is activated by the slow cooling of the melt that crystalizes thereby. The temperatures of the melt and heating elements, that controls the process, are measured continuously. Optimal crystal growth results of a balanced temperature adjustment. Pyrometers with fiber cable and small optical heads must be used for the measurement of the heating element temperature because of limited installation and space available at the system.

These pyrometers of type PYROSPOT provide a measurement range between 600 °C and 1800 °C for example and small optical heads with only 12 mm aperture. For measuring the the melt temperature, short lengths ratio and spectral pyrometers are used in a measuring range from 800 °C to 2500 °C, partially with bus compatible interfaces. Both pyrometer types complement each other according to the measurement task, so the crystal growing process can be controlled and monitored optimally.

DIAS Infrared at Sensor+Test 2015
May 19-21.05, 2015, Faircenter Nuremberg
Hall 12, booth 12-673
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Talk at IRS² 2015 – 14th International Conference on Infrared Sensors & System
Wednesday, May 20th, 14 p.m., NCC West, Room Dublin
„High-dynamic infrared cameras for non-contact temperature measurement from 300°C to 3000°C“
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