Best-practice applications for early fire detection

02. Feb 2016

DIAS Infrared GmbH at the FeuerTRUTZ 2016 in Nuremberg from 17 to 18 February 2016 with individual system solutions for fire detection

The FeuerTRUTZ 2016 is considered THE trade fair with a congress for preventive fire protection. The exhibition is about not only structural but also plant technical and organizational fire protection solutions.

As an expert für system solutions for early fire detection, DIAS Infrared presents best-practice applications in the field of transport, nature and building monitoring and waste management.

The individual system solutions from DIAS are used in the hazardous waste landfill in Kölliken and in a waste incineration plant of the company Uddevalla Energi AB in Sweden. The DIAS fire detection system also offers extra protection against forest fires, such as part of the project “Sustainable forest management and environmental protection in national park Pirin, Bulgaria”. In addition, a system for environmental services Burgenland (Austria) was developed.

Especially landfills can bring high risks. Risks to the environment and of course for the operators exist in the possible self-ignition of stored materials. After the landfill remediation in the mining hall of the former Kölliken hazardous waste landfill in Switzerland – the country’s largest hall – during the landfill decommissioning there was a fire. This resulted in the revision of the entire safety concept. The standards for the protection of employed people and the environment have been significantly increased in order to prevent future damage.

Today a permanent monitoring system equipped with highly sensitive infrared cameras from DIAS is used. Through continuous automatic temperature measurement smolder spots or smoldering fires can now be identified and eliminated. The monitors of the fire detection system show the thermographic images of the infrared cameras to identify a possible source of the fire immediately. Even at night, the entire excavation hall is monitored automated and continuously and alarm events are reported immediately to the fire department.

In Kölliken twelve high-resolution thermal imaging cameras have been installed, which measure in the spectral range of 8-14 microns.DIAS cameras PYROVIEW 380L come with pan-tilt head are used. The camera has an efficient air purge unit that prevents dirt deposits.
With the central DIAS software PYROSOFT FDS, a system has been created in which all information can run together and evaluated. A modern client / server architecture allows simultaneous access of several monitoring stations with large screen or even simple local PCs for individual sections. Thus, the landfill is safe monitored, as it can be done with a security guard.

Discuss with us on the requirements for your individual system solution for fire detection. FeuerTRUTZ 2016 in Nürnberg, hall 10.1, booth 10.1-602.