DIAS Fire Detection System PYROVIEW FDS for mobile devices

13. Sep 2016

DIAS Infrared is a specialist in systems for early detection of fires in waste management and combustible material storage areas. The technical system solution and associated software undergo continuous feature improvement based on customer input.
From experience in numerous projects, such as of 6 years of successful fire monitoring of the mining hall of the former hazardous waste landfill Kölliken in Switzerland, new and innovative ideas are continuously integrated into the system. For example with customer input, the idea emerged to transfer camera data to mobile devices in critical situations. Temperature excursions can now be transmitted via SMS, e-mail, or directly to the tablet, iPad or a smartphone of the plant manager, the responsible employee, or a fire department. This saves time and ensures fast on-site response whenever there is acute danger of fire.

The DIAS system solution PYROVIEW FDS is a highly flexible and expandable thermal imaging system for early detection of fire, or overheating, evident from elevated surface temperatures above preset limits. DIAS infrared cameras used in the system have a high-resolution sensor with 384 x 288 pixels (up to 640 x 480 optional). Due to the high resolution, even small hot spots are reliably detected. Typically an additional visual image is not necessary, but it is possible within the system. In case of fire, the IR camera can be used to assess the current situation and monitor progress while a fire is extinguished. The thermal imaging cameras are installed in robust industrial housings with an integrated air purge to prevent particulate buildup on the lens in dusty environments. Weatherproof housings are also available. The IR camera makes it possible to determine the surface temperature of the combustible material, e.g. trash, paper and lumber.

The IR camera is mounted on a pan-tilt head, which allows the viewing angle to be adjusted automatically under computer control. The full area to be monitored is subdivided into sectors. Each sector is a separate camera view. These are cycled one after the other in a user programed and prioritized pattern. Overlapping sectors ensure the largest possible area is completely monitored. If the preset temperature threshold is exceeded in any sector, an optical and acoustic alarm is issued to the operator and the sector is further clearly identified and monitored in detail by the PYROVIEW FDS system. In addition, the control of a relay output is initiated for communication with the fire department. In a ring storage memory, all sector recordings and alarm images are stored radiometrically. This makes it possible to evaluate the IR images as a function of temperature. The systems creates logs of all important results, including alarms, alarm acknowledgments, faults, and modifications of system parameters (password-protected). All IR cameras are connected to the control panel via a data interface (Ethernet / FO).

„Each fire detection system provides individual and usually complex requirements. That is why our sales representatives and our development department work intensively with the customers during the project phases “, emphasizes sales manager Dr. Frank Nagel.