DIAS is trade exhibitor at the Hardening Colloquium in Wiesbaden

30. Sep 2013

From 9th to 11th October, an international expert audience will meet at Hardening Colloquium in Wiesbaden. At the same time a trade fair with 160 exhibitors will take place. The booth of DIAS Infrared can be found in Hall 2, Stand 218.

Especially if you want to measure temperatures on metals, it’s important to you that your measuring device operates on low wavelengths, such as spectral ranges from 1.4 to 1.8 microns. Stand measurement technology using 8 to 15 microns will cause incorrect results and therefore is not recommended in this case. That’s why it is very important, that before purchasing a measurement device, a comprehensive advice should be given of how the measurement problem could be saved. Service and advice are taken very seriously at DIAS. “By using of non-contact temperature measurement you can also access hard to reach places” says applications engineer Daniel Wagner. Fiber-optic pyrometers with a separate optical head, used for spot temperature measurement, are particularly space-saving and can even be mounted in confined spaces.

Another advantage of using infrared technology is the ability to monitor manufacturing processes, such as the strand casting, continuously and in real time. Especially in the production process of metals and metal alloys a precise temperature profile during hardening and welding is importrant in order to achieve optimum strength. The continuous monitoring of manufacturing processes is achieved with infrared line cameras and pyrometers of DIAS. For example, the line cameras PYROLINE delivers temperature profiles in the range of 0 to 1300 ° C, which can be analyzed in detail with the supplied software. In case of deviations, the production manager can react in real time and thus save costs by faulty manufactured parts.

Image source:Stahl-Zentrum: Salzgitter AG, SMS Group