DIAS pyrometers and infrared cameras for the glass industry – NEW: solutions for ultra-thin glasses

12. Sep 2016

DIAS Infrared offers a full range of digital spot pyrometers, PYROSPOT, and thermal imaging camera systems, PYROVIEW, especially for the glass industry.Temperature measurement ranges and spectral bands are optimized for specific glass applications. Depending on the specific operating conditions, the user has a wide choice of solutions available including the housing technology, data interfaces, optics, accessories and software solutions. Many proven solutions are integrated to the melting tank and the subsequent manufacturing process, for example, in flat glass and container glass production.

Especially in the container glass industry today, more and more thermocouples are being replaced by digital pyrometers. The advantages digital pyrometers include the simple application, the favorable price and the very long service life compared to conventional thermocouples. For this application, DIAS Infrared developed special pyrometers of the PYROSPOT series 30 for temperature measurements of liquid glass in glass trays, preheaters and feeders, which can be used without external cooling in the high ambient temperatures present the glass industry. The pyrometers consist of an optical head without any electronics, a monochrome fiber optic cable up to 30 m long and an electronic control system. The optical head and the optical fiber can be used without cooling in ambient temperatures up to 250 ° C. In order to keep the lens of the optical head clean, a mounting bracket made of stainless steel with an air purge is used. The pyrometers have a test current output as well as a maintenance-friendly attachment system with solid stainless steel accessories. These are all typically compatible with instrumentation and accessories already installed by customers in the industry. Customized air purge units with inconel or ceramic sight tubes can adapted to special optics.

Today a particular challenge is temperature measurement during production of ultra-thin glass used in mobile phones, notebooks, tablets and flat panel displays. The manufacturing process of this ultra-thin glass is very demanding. Challenging requirements are also placed on the temperature measurement technology used during the manufacturing process. In response to this, DIAS Infrared has developed a special pyrometer for these applications based on the proven pyrometer series PYROSPOT 54. A special feature is the optimized spectral range of 7.7 μm. Please contact us for further information on these special devices and all other solutions for the glass industry.