New: Digital compact pyrometers for non-contact temperature measurement from 75 °C to 3000 °C – optionally with motorized focus

30. Sep 2020

DIAS Infrared extends its range of pyrometers with the new PYROSPOT series 55. The new digital compact pyrometers in stainless steel housing (IP65, diameter 50 mm) are specially designed for industrial use. They are suitable for temperature measurements above 75 ° C, for example on metals, graphite or ceramics. With a minimum response time of only 2 ms (t95), the devices can also be used for fast measurement tasks. On the back of the device there are two control buttons and a clearly readable OLED display for displaying the measured temperature and other parameters.

Different optics for small target sizes

Three different fixed optics enable small target sizes from 0.8 mm with a distance ratio of up to 300: 1. As a special feature, instead of the fixed optics, a vario optics with motorized focus is optionally available in this pyrometer series. The user can easily adjust the focus using the control buttons on the device or via interface and software.

Always perfectly aligned

The exact alignment of the pyrometers on the measurement object is possible with an integrated laser aiming light or an optical through-lens sighting. Alternatively, an integrated color video camera can be used. This video camera facilitates installation in difficult local conditions, where the pyrometer is difficult to reach or the measurement object is not visible.

Local networks

With the temperature linear standard output signal of 0/4 to 20 mA, the pyrometers can be easily integrated into existing measurement and control systems. The pyrometers have also a galvanically isolated RS-485 interface. Therefore the devices are bus compatible and use the Modbus RTU protocol. Connection in local networks can be supported by an Ethernet interface box.

The PYROSPOT DS 55N and DG 55N are suitable for temperature measurements from 550 °C to 3000 °C (spectral range 0.8 µm to 1.1 µm) or 200 °C or 2500 °C (spectral range 1.5 µm to 1.8 µm) respectively. The pyrometer DGE 55N can measure temperatures between 75 ° C and 2200 ° C (spectral range from 2.0 µm to 2.6 µm), with a particularly “long” continuous measuring range from 150 ° C to 2200 ° C. The ratio pyrometer PYROSPOT measures temperatures from 500 ° C to 3000 ° C in two closely spaced spectral ranges between 0.7 μm and 1.1 μm and enables almost emissivity-independent temperature measurement.

The pyrometers can be parameterized via the digital interface with the PYROSOFT Spot software. Alternatively, the emissivity or ratio correction parameter and motor focus can also be set directly on the device using the buttons and the display.

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