Extension of PYROSPOT series 4

13. Dec 2013

Besides the model PYROSPOT DT4L for temperature measurement for non-metallic surfaces, DIAS introduces three new additional models for PYROSPOT Series 4.

For high temperature measurements the pyrometers PYROSPOT DS 40N and DG 40N are available. They are suitable for measurements in temperature ranges from 250 °C to 1800 °C and 600 °C to 2500 °C. The special device PYROSPOT DT 4G for temperature measurement of glass surfaces is also available now. It has a measurement range from 200 °C up to 1800 °C. Applications for this product are e.g. glass ampules manufacturing, glass forming and float glass manufacturing.

All new models offer the usual benefits of series 4. The devices have a solid housing with separated optical head and can therefore be operated in harsh environments. The small optical head can be used in ambient temperatures up to 125 °C (DT 4L up to 180 °C) and can capture temperatures of difficult to reach measuring objects. The large display can be seen also from a distance and all parameters such as emissivity can be set directly on the device. The devices are equipped with opto relays output and additional to the analog standard output signal of 0/4 to 20 mA also with a bus-compatible RS-485 interface with the proven Modbus RTU data protocol. Via the PC software PYROSOFT Spot the parameterization, recording evaluation of data is possible.