Fixed thermal imaging systems PYROINC visualize process and plant conditions in combustion chambers

09. Jan 2017
Overview DIAS infrared cameras

Temperature measurements in a harsh industrial environment, for example in glass melting or in rotary kilns, present huge challenges for the measurement technology used. Not only does it have to withstand the extremely high ambient temperatures, it also has to work in narrow-band spectral ranges optimized for the application.

DIAS Infrared offers the PYROINC infrared camera system, an special solution for non-contact temperature measurement in demanding applications in combustion chamber. PYROINC 768N as the centerpiece of the measurement system is a very robust infrared camera with a very large und continuous measurement range from 600 °C to 1800 °C.

Temperatures until 1800 ° C are no problem

They have a motorfocus borescope lens with protection window. The camera and the borescope lens are installed in a watercooled stainless steel probe cooling jacket. The inlet aperture for the infrared radiation has a patented air purging unit and has a very small diameter. In this way, the probe cooling jacket can be pulled directly through the opening in the combustion chamber walls. Together with the automatic retraction system it is guaranteed that the system withstands the high temperatures and special requirements of the location. The front part of the probe cooling jacket is able to resist temperatures about 1800 °C. The camera operates in the near infrared range at wavelengths of 1 μm.

Industrial continuous use between 2 to 10 years

The thermal imaging camera system is designed for continuous industrial use at times between 2 to 10 years (depending on operating conditions). For visualization and further processing of the measured values the thermal images are transmitted via Ethernet in real time. The software solution PYROSOFT Professional is used for the detailed evaluation of the measuring results.

In cement rotary kilns, the PYROINC 768N infrared combustion chamber is used for on-line temperature monitoring in the sintering zone in order to derive control variables for the burner control. When used in glass melting furnaces, the special camera is used for measuring the temperature of the glass melt and for monitoring the lining. Advantages for the user also result in combustion chambers of the chemical industry. There, the thermal imaging camera system detects inadmissible slag formation and thus enables optimum maintenance cycles.

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