New DIAS ratio pyrometers for temperature measurement in the metallurgy already from 300 °C

07. Jan 2016

DIAS Infrared expands its product range by new ratio pyrometers that allow non-contact temperature measurement already starting from 300 °C. In particular, the pyrometers were developed for application in metallurgy. The ratio pyrometers are suitable for harsh ambient conditions where the risk of contaminations of the optics exists. While ordinary 1-channel pyrometers show lower measured values when their optics is contaminated, the measured temperature of ratio pyrometers change only when there are significant contaminations. Ratio pyrometers also have lower temperature measurement errors compared to 1-channel pyrometers even when the emissivity changes during the measurement. In contrast to 1-channel pyrometers the temperature indicated stays widely stable if the measurement object is a little bit smaller than the measurement field of the pyrometer. This is for example the case for: moving metal bands, bars or wires.
The core of the new ratio pyrometers is a novel indium gallium arsenide 2-color detector that is based on longtime experience and scientific works in the field of sensor technology and pyrometer development by DIAS Infrared. The ratio pyrometers of the DIAS PYROSPOT pyrometer series 10 are equipped with vario optics and LED/laser aiming light, through-lens sighting or color video camera (PYROSPOT DGR 10N and DGR 10NV). A version with fiber optics is available within the PYROSPOT series 11 (PYROSPOT DGRF 11N).

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