New portable pyrometer PYROSPOT series 80 for the daily use in heavy industry

17. Jan 2014

DIAS offers with its new pyrometer PYROSPOT series 80 portable pyrometers for the most applications in heavy industry in temperature ranges between 250 and 3000°C. These pyrometers are characterized by high accuracy, small spot sizes, and robustness.
The models DS80N and DG80N are spectral pyrometers, the models DSR80N are ratio pyrometers. They are typically used in the metal working-, ceramic-, glass-, cement-, graphite industry and for semiconductor manufacturing and crystal growing processes.

The pyrometers are equipped with standard rechargeable batteries, with a peak picker and averaging function, with optimized thru-lens view finder with dioptre correction and polarisation filter and exact marking of the measuring spot.Pyrometers with other spectral ranges, special optics or close-up lenses are available on request.