Pyroelectric sensor arrays easily evaluated with the evaluation kit

21. May 2013

DIAS Infrared GmbH produces high sensitive infrared detectors for many years. While detectors with one to four spectral channels in TO can housing has been dominating recently, now applications for linear arrays with more than 128 pixels are upcoming. For spectrometry application DIAS Infrared GmbH has developed the types 128LTx SP0.5, 128LTx SP1.0, 256LTI SP0.5 and 510LTI SP0.5 which have longer sensitive elements. Common narrow and wide band-pass filters can be used as well as linear variable filters.

Now, an evaluation kit has been introduced, which contains all you need for easy operation of these linear arrays – a small board with complete electronics and a software package. The kit can be controlled by a Windows PC via USB connection. The power can be provided by the USB port or a separate power supply. For syncronisation with further external components, such as for radiation modulation, a trigger pulse is provided. The read-out cycle can be adjusted between 1 and 80 lines/s.