Pyroelectric sensors now even easier to evaluate thanks to integration into laboratory software

08. Aug 2014
Evaluation kit for pyroelectric infrared sensors

The evaluation kit allows easy operation of the pyroelectric linears array with 128, 256 or 510 pixels search for all users who don’t want to develop own hardware or need a quick fix for first tests of the sensors. The evaluation kit provides the necessary voltages and clocks for the operation of an pyroelectric array of and converts its output signal into digital values. Via USB, they can be displayed and saved with the included software. With this software, you can also adjust parameter of the module as well as start and stop its operation.

Now available is a DLL interface to integrate the evaluation kit in custom software solutions and common laboratory software. Thus, commissioning and integration of PYROSENS arrays in their own software and system solutions become even easier. The interface permits access to all array parameters via API functions and reading out the pixel values. The evaluation kit can be integrated into a variety of software environments, e. g.

  • MathWorks MATLAB
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Embarcadero RAD Studio

For the development of software in C / C ++ corresponding header and lib files are included.