Pyroelectric single- and multi-element detectors PYROSENS with high sensitivity

28. Feb 2022
Pyroelectric single- and multi-element detectors PYROSENS with high sensitivity
Pyroelectric single- and multi-element detectors PYROSENS with high sensitivity

The pyroelectric infrared (IR) detectors of the PYROSENS series from DIAS Infrared have proven themselves for many years in devices for gas analysis, spectroscopy, radiation and temperature measurement technology. Lithium tantalate is used as the pyroelectric material, which enables very high signal-to-noise ratio and specific detectivity as well as excellent temperature and long-term stability of the detector properties. With high values of the specific detectivity D*, high detection sensitivity of the IR measuring devices can be achieved, i.e. very low gas concentrations can be measured, for example. D* value of over  109 cmHz1/2W-1 is achieved by pyroelectric detectors of the PYROSENS series. This is much more than with IR detectors based on pyroelectric ceramics (bulk or thin film materials).

PYROSENS single-element and multi-channel detectors contain 1 to 4 sensor elements with different selectable element area and optional thermal compensation. Particularly high D* value is achieved with very thin, ion beam etched sensor elements. The spectral behavior can be optimally adapted to the application by means of the detector filter windows and different absorber and black coatings. The detectors contain the electronics close to the sensor element, which enable voltage or current operation.

Depending of the element size and number, the housings of the detectors are round hermetic metal packages TO18, TO39 or TO8 with cap diameters of 4.7 mm, 8.1 mm or 14 mm. For particularly space-saving detector assembly first types in SMD housings (5.0 mm x 5.0 mm) have been developed now.

Within the PYROSENS series, pyroelectric linear arrays with 128, 256 or 510 elements (pitch 100 µm, 50 µm or 25 µm) are also available. A NEP value of up to 0.08 nW is achieved with ion beam milled thin lithium tantalate chips, which have thermally insulating trenches between the detector elements and are provided with additional absorber layers. These very low values, which are now available, enable new solutions for compact spectroscopy assemblies.

The PYROSENS infrared detectors will be presented from May 10, 2022 at the Sensor+Test (Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, booth 1-135).

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