Quality assurance by precise temperature surveillance in foundries with PYROCAST

06. Nov 2015
The pyrometer system solution for the temperature measurement on the casting stream: PYROCAST by DIAS Infrared
The pyrometer system solution for the temperature measurement on the casting stream: PYROCAST by DIAS Infrared

Temperature measurement of the casting stream in real-time with system solutions of DIAS Infrared GmbH

The industrial heat treatment of metals is implausibly versatile. There are high quality demands for the melting, casting, forging, hardening and preheating of materials like aluminum, iron, steel, lead or brass depending on the production. The precise control of the temperature is a crucial parameter for the material properties and also the quality of the produced products. Who wants to keep up with the competitors, especially in automotive suppliers, has to invest in precise and reliable process control. The infrared cameras, pyrometers and complete system solutions made by DIAS Infrared from Germany are flexible helpers.

Different temperature and spectral ranges require the use of specific measurement devices like pyrometers, infrared cameras and infrared line cameras. Based on the multitude of own standard devices DIAS specialized in producing suitable systems according to the customized challenges and the appropriate temperature ranges and process general requirements.

The customized measurement system “PYROCAST” was developed for foundries. A special task is the temperature measurement of the moving casting stream by whom differences in the measurement results can occur. The algorithm of the PYROCAST system counteracts this. The casting stream measurement system is based on digital ratio pyrometers of the PYROSPOT series of DIAS. The special optics with fiber optics guarantees an exact temperature detection even when the measuring field is not filled completely or the casting stream is moving.

The measurement temperature is well readable on a large LED display. More comfort is offered by the system PYROCAST Pro. The ratio pyrometer has an integrated color video camera and extra rectangular measurement field with a measuring distance of 2 meters. To avoid dust influences an air purge unit and a sighting tube can protect the optics. The precise alignment to the measuring object is made with an integrated laser aiming light or video image in real-time. The integrated webserver controls the system. The system software allows accessing the device in a running process at any time, adjusting settings and correcting errors. The web browser displays the temperature trend and the table of values and allows the adjustment of different parameters to the respective casting process. Jitters that can occur during the gating are faded out and the start and the end of the casting process are detected automatically. The PYROCAST system solution is realized all over the world including project planning, software, installation, initial operation and maintenance – for example in the foundry of Slévárna HEUNISCH Brno, s.r.o. This company manufactures machine molded castings for agribusiness, commercial vehicles, drive technology and motor production. Thereby, the palette varies from complete drive and axis systems, brake, clutch and gear housings to torque arms, engine blocks and cylinder heads. Before they start using the PYROCAST system in autumn 2014 the temperature in the cast before the mold was measured in a classic way with a lance. The cast cooled down until the casting process and this difference caused material inaccuracies. Now, the temperature surveillance happens with a high accuracy by the entrainment of the special optics.

The non-contact temperature measurement in real-time of the casting stream at the mold with the PYROCAST system excluded measurement differences between casting ladle and infilling into the form. The production flow was improved substantially, the works management in Brno evaluates after a semiannual use.
Technical data at a glance:

Casting stream temperature measurement system PYROCAST

  • Digital ratio pyrometer with fiber optics
  • Special optics
  • Temperature measurement range: 700 °C to 1800 °C
  • Fiber optics cable made of stainless steel in different lengths
  • Spectral range: 0.7 µm to 1.1 µm
  • Optional with air purge unit and sighting tube

Casting stream temperature measurement system PYROCAST PRO

  • Digital ratio pyrometer with color video camera and rectangular measurement field
  • Temperature measurement range: 700 °C to 1800 °C
  • Rectangular measurement field and video camera
  • Spectral range: 0.7 µm to 1.1 µm
  • Optional with air purge unit and cooling jacket

Junction box with large LED display

  • Dimensions junction box: 380 mm × 300 mm (W × H)
  • Weight junction box: approx. 9 kg
  • LED Display: 4 numerics, temperature display/3.5″ video image
  • Dimensions digit field: approx. 135 mm × 38 mm (W × H)
  • Ethernet interface
  • Power supply: 230 V AC
  • Operating temperature: 0 °C to 55 °C