Your temperatures on focus – new PYROSPOT pyrometer series 56

13. May 2014

As an extension to the recently introduced new compact pyrometer PYROSPOT series 54 DIAS is now presenting PYROSPOT Series 56. With its various device types the new serious covers temperature ranges from 200 ° C to 3000 ° C. Various fixed optics allow small spot sizes starting at 1.3 mm. The fast response time of just 2 ms allows the accurate temperature measurement even at very fast processes. The new series also includes a ratio pyrometer with excellent value for money.

The special features of PYROSPOT series 56 are firstly the user friendliness through an easy to read display and parameter setting keys on the back of the device. All parameters can be on site. Secondly the proven alignment laser pilot light and the integrated color video camera were supplemented with an optical view finder and an electronic viewfinder. Important measurement data and parameters are displayed directly in to the field of vision of the electronic viewfinder. The user therefore has the opportunity to select the best and most comfortable for his application sighting device.

Of course, in addition to the standard analog 0/4-20 mA interface, the DIAS typical RS485 bus interface is available with the proven Modbus RTU protocol. This digital interface works in conjunction with our PC software PYROSOFT SPOT and is recording data of each individual measured value in real time.