Universal display and control unit for DIAS PYROSPOT pyrometers

11. Jan 2016

The display and control unit DCU 400 is displaying the measured temperature of the connected pyrometer of the DIAS PYROSPOT series and provides its parameterization. In addition, there are two switching outputs that can be freely parameterized, too. Every DIAS PYROSPOT pyrometer with a RS-485 interface can be connected. In particular, these are the pyrometer types: PYROSPOT series 4, 10, 11, 34, 54 and 56.

All parameters available of the connected pyrometer can be adjusted via the DCU 400 except the two switching outputs. The ones are replaced by the two switching outputs of the DCU 400. The always present power output of the pyrometer is looped through unaffected. A possibly existing pilot light can be switched using the buttons on the device.
The current measured value and the set emissivity (for ratio pyrometers: K factor) are displayed in the main display on a large, easy to read OLED display. Symbols show the state of the switching outputs. By using the parameter buttons, you get to the parameter level. Parameters like emissivity, response time, data storage parameters, power supply (0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA), start and end of the sub temperature range (start = 0/4 mA, end = 20 mA), switch on and switch off temperature of the switching outputs 1 and 2 as well as the temperature unit, address and baud rate can be adjusted here. When the RS-485 interface of the DCU 400 is connected with a computer, the DIAS pyrometer software PYROSOFT Spot installed recognizes the operation of the pyrometer via the DCU 400.

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