PYROLINE WBS – Temperature measurement on gypsum wallboards

Infrared line camera system for gypsum application

The providing of an equal temperature and humidity distribution during the drying process of the gypsum wallboards is important for their quality. Inhomogeneity can lead to deformations or the breaking of the plates. Specifically adjusted measurement systems are required to measure the temperature distribution without contact and to identify problem areas. The infrared measurement technology allows the fast acquisition of the surface temperature over the whole gypsum wallboard.

DIAS Infrared offers as a German manufacturer an appropriate infrared measurement system for the non-contact temperature measurement on gypsum wallboards: PYROLINE WBS (Wallboard System)

Hardware and software of the infrared line camera system PYROLINE WBS

PYROLINE infrared line camera for the non-contact temperature measurement and detection of temperature profiles

The DIAS PYROLINE infrared line camera is an uncooled ir camera for the industrial use. It has 128 or 256 sensor elements and provides line frequencies up to 512 Hz.

The industry stainless steel housing (IP65) with air purge unit and optional water cooling guarantees the long-term operation in rough industrial environment.

The data transmission happens via Fast Ethernet in real-time over great distances.

Differences in temperature can be detected and processed for process control.

The DIAS PYROLINE infrared line camera is unique and offers a lot of advantages in contrast to the use of line scanners.

record temperature profiles with a resolution of 128 x 1 or 256 x 1 pixels (H x W)
The infrared line camera PYROLINE serves to record temperature profiles with a resolution of 128 x 1 or 256 x 1 pixels (H x W)

The advantages of a DIAS PYROLINE ir line camera in contrast to a line scanner:

  • Simultaneous temperature measurement of all measurement points with up to 512 lines per second
  • Use of uncooled linear infrared detectors
  • No opto-mechanical scanner
Technical Data of the DIAS PYROLINE infrared line camera
Infrared array:Uncooled line array with 128 x 1 or 256 x 1 pixels
Temperature range:50 °C to 550 °C
Spektral range:8 µm bis 14 µm
Optics:40°, 60° or 90° (Optic with motor focus)
Measurement frequency:Internally selectable: 512 Hz, 256 Hz, 128 Hz, 64 Hz, …
Interfaces:Fast Ethernet, galvanically isolated digital inputs (trigger) and digital outputs (alarm)

Thermal imaging software IR WBS

The application specific thermal imaging software IR WBS allows the monitoring of the thermal images of gypsum wallboards, the display and storage of temperature profiles of single dryers as well as the display and storage of trend development. Digital inputs are used to assign current measured data to the appropriate dryer. Password protected user levels and simple touchscreen operation enable the immediate use in the production process.

Features of the thermal imaging software IR WBS:

  • Real-time thermal image of gypsum wallboards
  • Storage of profiles and trend developments
  • Profile view for up to 16 dryers (current and history)
  • Profile view of single gypsum wallboards
  • Trend development for process and gypsum wallboard temperature
  • Editable product list
  • Simple operation via touchscreen
  • Password protected user levels

Control panel

The control panel consists of a console and a panel PC with touchscreen. In addition, it has all necessary components for the power supply, the data transmission, the digital inputs and outputs and the dedicated low-voltage wiring.