Software for infrared cameras

DIAS Infrared provides the universal multilingual software PYROSOFT Compact, Professional and Professional IO for all thermal imagers PYROVIEW and infrared line cameras PYROLINE. PYROSOFT Compact is supplied free of charge to all DIAS cameras.

With different software versions, you can record thermographic data and represent, analyze and control and evaluate and document.

More information:

Selected features of our universal software solutions PYROSOFT Compact, Professional and Professional IO

Acquisition + display

ROIs (Regions Of Interest): points, lines, rectangles, circles/ellipsis, polygones
Calculation of hot and cold spots
Reference, difference, filter and 2D line images
Definition of VOIs (Values Of Interest) from ROI values
Trend, histogram and profile charts
Alarm functions

Analyze+ control

Customizable display of the thermal image
Various color bars and isotherms display
Auto dynamic and manual scaling of temperature scale
Software PYROSOFT Professional

Evaluation + documentation

Evaluate with the integrated data player recorded sequences, cut and export them as single files, as text, bitmap or video.

Derive from your offline evaluation online document templates for recurring measurement tasks.
Create album files from different recordings and multi-reports for Microsoft Word with thermal images, result lists of the calculation of ROIs and VOIs, profile and trend charts, histograms, difference images and many more objects.

Generate customized report templates for recurring reports so that they can be generated easily and edited as needed.

In addition to these universal software versions, comprehensive application-specific thermography software is available.

PYROSOFT – Application specific thermal imaging software

PYROSOFT Automation – Software for the integration of DIAS cameras into automation processes

Use PYROSOFT Automation for automated process monitoring and control.

  • Data acquisition for one camera
  • Online functionality like PYROSOFT Professional IO
  • Configurable user interface, user rights and password management
  • User management with different authorization levels
  • Manual or automatic (I/O system/SPS) product switch, e.g. for different component sizes
  • Display of status information and alarms
  • RTSP H.264
  • 24/7 operation

PYROSOFT Automation SC has been developed to monitor an object from different positions (e.g. from front and back).

  • Synchronous data acquisition from up to 8 identical cameras, the data are combined into a joined image
  • Online functionality like PYROSOFT Automation
  • Combined synchronous ROI, VOI calculation and data saving of all cameras
  • For large objects, the image resolution can be increased by using several cameras
  • Example application: Thermal inspection with PYROSOFT Automation SC
  • RTSP H.264
  • 24/7 operation

For a better overview: Use PYROSOFT Automation MC if you want to keep an eye on up to 8 different cameras at the same time. The data acquisition and analysis is done in parallel and independent from the other cameras. It is also possible to combine the measurements from different cameras for evaluation.

  • Online functionality like PYROSOFT Automation
  • Global VOI for the combination of data from different cameras
  • Operation modes „Setup“ and „Automatic“
  • Display of single images of all cameras
  • Overview image of all cameras
  • Display of system status and alarm messages
  • Overview of the states of the IO outputs
  • RTSP H.264
  • 24/7 operation

PYROSOFT Client – Client application for the monitoring of camera data and status information

For remote access: Use PYROSOFT Client to establish a data connection with your PYROSOFT application on another network PC. So you can get the latest camera images and status information. The connected PYROSOFT application acts as server and provides the data.

  • Client connection to PYROSOFT Professional, Professional IO, Automation, Automation SC or Automation MC
  • Live transmission of images and status information from the local cameras on the server PC
  • Display of single images of all cameras
  • Overview image of all cameras
  • Display of system status and alarm messages
  • Overview of the states of the IO outputs

PYROSOFT Client (app) – App for online access to PYROSOFT Professional, Professional IO, Automation, Automation SC and Automation MC

The app PYROSOFT Client connects to the software PYROSOFT Professional, Professional IO, Automation or MultiCam installed on the local server. The connection can be made simultaneously to multiple systems, and different software variants can be combined with each other.The live images of the cameras are displayed in the overview image or as single camera images. In addition, system status, alarm messages and the states of the alarm outputs are transmitted and displayed.

PYROSOFT CamZone – Software for the zone programming of a DIAS stand-alone camera

For the configuration of the internal data analysis of your stand-alone camera: Use PYROSOFT CamZone to define the position of the evaluation zones and the threshold values for the alarm calculation. You can transfer the parameters directly into the internal memory of the camera. The live display of the camera image and the calculation data allows you to check the configuration directly and adjust it if necessary.

  • Define up to 8 zones and the related parameters for the evaluation
  • Display of the calculated zone and alarm values of the camera
  • Display of the live image
  • Display of the status at the digital alarm outputs of the camera
  • Online data saving and online alarm data saving