Production of Glass ampoules

Pyrometer in the manufacturing process of glass ampoules

Glass ampoules in medical technology and cosmetic industries serve mainly as containers for the respective products. They are also used as thermal release element in fire detection systems in sprinkler systems and other temperature-controlled release mechanisms. In the manufacturing of these glass ampoules a finished glass raw body is heated and then reshaped to the respetive form.

Pyrometers measure through the flame on the surface of the glass ampoule

These usually full automated processes are proceeding in a horizontal rotating table with several gas burners. The ampoules are heated by the burner to a certain temperature that is crucial for the further processing.

An important part in the process control is to capture the temperatures exactly and quickly. Temperature measurement devices used for this purpose need to be quick, exact and especially unaffected when they are measuring the glass temperature through the gas burner. The particular DIAS pyrometer PYROSPOT DT 40F, DA 44F and DA 47F offer exactly these features. With measurement ranges between 100 °C and 2500 °C, mutable optical proportions and fast acquistion times from 5 ms, the pyrometers measure through the burner flame to the glass surface.

High-End pyrometer DIAS PYROSPOT for very fast production processes in the manufacturing of glass ampoules

For extremely small ampoules or very fast production processes the high-end pyrometer PYROSPOT DA 10F can be used. This pyrometers measures in ranges between 200 °C and 2500 °C with a acquistion time of only 1 ms and can realize target sizes from 1 mm diameter. The burner flame has no influence on the measurement.

All pyrometers have a standard analoge output available or a digital interface for integration in the process control.